Waste Disposal In South Wales


As a registered Natural Resources Wales waste carrier based in Barry you can be certain that the waste we remove from your property is handled correctly, we recycle everything possible and even pay you for valuable items.

From scrap metal to garden waste we can handle almost anything that you need cleared from you home or business in the Vale of Glamorgan and beyond. Fly tipping has become a huge problem in the UK with over 1 million incidents reported per year, the costs to business is estimated to be over £150 million per annum with huge fines issued for non compliance of the regulations, we can guarantee that all waste removed from your property in Barry and surrounding areas will be handled in full compliance of the Natural Resources Wales waste carrier terms.

Scrap Metal

The price of scrap metal is often a surprise to many customers and often large quantities are given to scrap merchants for free, If you have large quantities of metal including any copper, brass or aluminium or used copper cable then please contact us for an appointment to discuss the prices we can offer for these items with collection available throughout South Wales.

Garden Furniture

Many property owners do not realise the value of the items they have amassed in their gardens over the years, we can offer disposal of old broken sheds, fences and other garden waste but would also offset the garden clearance costs to yourself with the acquisition of valuable statues, stone pots and usable garden furniture, we also offer a standalone service to purchase any unwanted valuable garden items.

Household Items

Similar to the garden furniture scenario many people do not realise the value of the house contents that they consider to be waste ready for removal, often the value of these items can easily offset the costs of disposing of the true waste, we offer a no obligation visit to discuss the costs involved in clearing your household waste but will always consider the value of any saleable items.